Prevention and Wellness

Migraines: Chronicles of a headache

Your day starts out as usual. You go about your routine as usual, drink your coffee, turn your computer on, and suddenly you feel that familiar throbbing start in your head, the light bothers you and you feel a bit nauseous. You know that the pain that follows is not fun. That’s what migraine feels like. Because what I get is not a simple headache. It is The Headache. If you also suffer from migraines, you know what I mean.
The truth is that this is no joke: it is a chronic, disabling disease.

Learning to read the signs
It is possible for it to not hurt as much. If it is handled from the first symptom, the migraine can be manageable; 20% of those suffering from this very unpleasant picture begin to see flashes of light, blind spots, or zigzag lines, just before suffering from the acute pain. They are not signals from the afterlife. It is called “aura” and it’s an alert that should not to be ignored. The specialist doctor may prescribe medication to be taken at that time, to prevent worse symptoms.
But if you’re experiencing more than two episodes a month, there are preventive drugs you can take daily in order to reduce them.

Tailor-made pain
A romantic dinner does not include red wine. At least in my case, a glass can trigger a battle in my brain and cause a migraine for several hours. We shouldn’t blame the grapes. Everyone has to figure out what triggers these strong headaches. If I feel I’m under a lot of stress and anxiety, I try to control myself and breathe deeply, or I could also suffer an episode.

Chocolates, cheese, peanuts. Check your diet to identify if anything you’re eating is one of the causes of your migraine. Hormones and menstrual cycles are often identified as pain triggers. Other times, bright lights, lack of sleep or certain medication may be responsible.

Migraine is a tailor-made pain. What provokes an episode in you, can soothe me. So make a list of causes you suspect in your head and proceed to judge the guilty party with the help of your doctor in order to find an accurate solution.

Mysteries of the brain
We all want to know why. Years of research have not yet yielded definitive results, but they do tell us that migraines begin with an inflammation in the brain. The trigeminal nerve and blood vessels do not seem to always have a good relationship. It sounds strange but I know exactly how it feels.
We must learn to tame this pain. Pay attention to how your migraine starts and write your own headache chronicles. Check with your PCP or a neurologist so that together you can find a preventive plan and relief.

Good health also needs a plan
It may be that in your family “everyone is healthy” or that “many of them have high blood pressure and diabetes.” Either way, having insurance is essential. Good health needs a plan to stay that way and strengthen itself. And chronic conditions need constant treatment to keep them stable and controlled.

Perhaps you keep asking yourself, “if I’m healthy, why do I need insurance?”
The answer is simple: to stay healthy! With a healthcare plan you can get free screenings that diagnose various conditions in their early stages. That way, you improve your chances of recovery. On the other hand, if you don’t have a health plan and don’t get sick often, you may think that what you feel “will go away on its own” or that “it’s nothing.” Then you stop going to the doctor and trust that in a few days you’ll be good as new, running the risk that it’s actually something important. But for your health, “those days” could be crucial and a medical insurance plan can get time on your side.

Thinking that you save when you don’t get a plan is not a wise decision, even when you are in good health. On the contrary, that is the right time to invest in keeping that good health. Visiting the doctor will allow you to make healthier choices, before your life is in danger or your medical expenses become unpayable.

Acquiring insurance means investing in your financial security, your happiness and that of your loved ones, your dreams and projects, and in everything you put your mind to because everything depends on your healthy life.