Prevention and Wellness

Fall prevention in the hospital

The risk of falls in hospitals is increasing and can cause serious injuries. Older people and children are more at risk of falling. The Triple-S Adverse Events Program guides you on how to prevent and reduce falls in hospitals.


10 tips to prevent hospital falls

  1. For your safety, you should always be accompanied by a caregiver
  2. Always keep the bed in low position and the rails raised
  3. Always keep the room bright and clear
  4. If you wear glasses and/or hearing aids, keep them available and working
  5. Never get out of bed alone
  6. Never go to the bathroom alone
  7. If you are going to get up, sit up for a while before getting up, and do not walk alone
  8. Use the corridor and bathroom railings to support you when walking
  9. Use closed slippers or shoes and non-slip socks
  10. If you are taking care of a child in the hospital:
  • Never turn your back on the child while changing diapers
  • Stay with your child while using the bathroom
  • Continuously monitor your child, as he may fall out of the crib, chair, or bed
  • Walk next to your child providing stability and support
  • Do not allow your child to jump on the bed or run in the hospital room


Remember: In case you are alone, feeling drowsy, dizzy, disoriented or if you need to go to the bathroom, do not get up on your own. Ring the bell and ask for help. The hospital staff will help you.